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About Us

We’ve listened, we always have. So we’ve created a dedicated house for all our Bao Bun’s lovers with exciting new fillings and the classic Sagakura dishes that you can’t stop dreaming of eating.

What are Bao Buns at The Bao House by Sagakura and what is different?

You can call it The Bao House, but we’re created also as a Home for all of you who come together to enjoy amazing Asian inspired food, laughter and quality time in a thoughtful cozy and inspiring environment.

So you can enjoy it on the spot or #BaoOnTheGo. The is no wrong way to experience the fluff!

What to expect?

Every Bite is a Culinary Journey

Indulge in the exquisite world of Bao Bliss, where the art of crafting irresistible bao buns takes center stage. We invite you to embark on a flavor-filled adventure that transcends borders, bringing you the best of Asian and local culinary traditions in every bite.

Every Bite is a Culinary Journey

We source the finest ingredients to create our signature bao buns. From succulent meats to vibrant veggies, our menu is a celebration of quality and taste, served at the speed you need.

Our swift service ensures you can savor the goodness of our bao buns without sacrificing your precious time. Quick and always delicious.

Pillowy Perfection

Our bao buns are a triumph of texture, offering a delicate, pillowy exterior that gives way to a delicious interior. Each bite is an experience of softness that amazes and delights.

Diverse Fillings, Endless Delight

Explore diverse flavors with our thoughtfully curated fillings. From savory to sweet, our bao buns promise a taste journey that satisfies all cravings.

Dive into a menu inspired by the rich Asian flavors. Our offerings extend beyond bao buns, featuring chow mein noodles, fried rice delights, yakitori, irresistible sides and a collection of desserts that will make you want to ask for more and more and more…