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What are Bao Buns?

Bao Buns (pronounced “bow”), but also known as a ‘steamed buns’ or ‘baozi’, are a delicious, warm, fluffy treat of stuffing wrapped inside a sweet, white dough.

Dive into a menu inspired by the rich Asian flavors. Our offerings extend beyond bao buns, featuring chow mein noodles, fried rice delights, yakitori, irresistible sides and a collection of desserts that will make you want to ask for more and more and more…


The Italian Bao

Lei 49.0
270g | prosciutto crudo, bufala, rucola, tomatoes, aceto balsamico di modena DOP

Mayo Tuna Bao

Lei 49.0
300g | tuna, tomatoes, mayo egg cream, lemon, iceberg

Crispy Korean Chicken Bao

Lei 35.0
270g | crispy chicken, sesame sauce, carrot, cucumber

Original Taste

The Sausage

Lei 39.0
300g | sausage, mustard reduction, pickles

Diverse Fillings, Endless Delight

Explore diverse flavors with our thoughtfully curated fillings. From savory to sweet, our bao buns promise a taste journey that satisfies all cravings.